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Book publishing 2nd edition reissue of our 3 books: The Journey of Larks, Life, and Punctuation..?

They are now available from up-to-date bookshops, Waterstones or direct from the distributor Central Books, and have been much updated, improved and are in a fitter final form. For more information and to order, visit our books’ webpage.

Thanks to the paper merchant, printer and distributor. Enjoy.

3 front cover images of our books. The 1st on the left shows the title in black and a cartoon person jumping into a swimming pool full of words. The 2nd in the middle shows the title written in a thin handwritten style font and lines going across the cover. The last on the right 3rd, shows the title in black text at the top, then a woman and a man at the bottom, confused about punctuation with thier arms flung-up in the air
  • The Journey of Larks is based on word-play and graphic shenanigans.
  • Life an illustrated day in the life of somebody.
  • Punctuation..? an informative, educational and fun book which explains the functions and correct uses of 21 of the most used punctuation marks.

Work showcase Our work has been showcased in the Best of Greeting Cards book

Some of our greeting card designs we did in 2006, have been showcased in the book Best of Greeting Cards by Zeixs, Germany, 2011.

Photo of the greeting cards book shown side on, shows a white square greeting card fron with the text 'Greeting Cards' in large black capital stencil letters, there is also a present red bow at the top

Work showcase Our work has been showcased in the Letterheads & Business Cards 2 book

Our corporate identity design in 2002 for Montague Capital, has been showcased in the book Letterheads & Business Cards 2 by Zeixs, Germany, 2011.

Photo of the letterheads and business cards 2 book shown side on, shows a womans face with her holding a black business card across her right eye

Writing Paper published in the Information Design Journal

Our paper Getting Around the Reproduction Problems of Colored Graphs has been published in the international peer-reviewed Information Design Journal, 18(1), 2010. John Benjamins, Amsterdam.

Photo of the Information Design Journal cover, shows a black pictogram of an offical service person in an airport

Research project International collaborative project with the Communication Research Institute

We took part in an international collaborative communication research project called Credit Card Statements: Communication Benchmarks 2009, for the Communication Research Institute, Australia. View project report and findings (PDF).

CRI benchmarks logo, a purple line cartoon person speaking through a loud-speaker

Showcase 1 of our illustrations in a new book about forms design

1 of our cartoon illustrations commissioned by Caroline Jarrett from Effortmark, is in her new book Forms That Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability (2008), on page xv. Forms design is an interesting area of graphic communication design, information design and writing, it is surprising how much work and testing is needed to get these perceived boring items to work well, and how subject they are to errors.

Front of the book cover, shows large blue box at the top with the words ‘Forms that Work’, then in a thinner green box below, the words ‘Caroline Jarrett and Gerry Gaffney’. There is a light photo of form boxes behind all the information on the front cover

Event London Book Fair 2008

We will be at the London Book Fair for 1 day between the 14th–16th April 2008. If you are a publisher and would like to arrange a meeting, contact us.

London Book Fair logo 2008. A dark blue square background with with serif typeface all capital text with the fair name

Event Education Show 2008

We will be at the Education Show at the NEC in Birmingham, U.K., for 1 day between the 28th February–1st March 2008. If you are an educational publisher and would like to arrange a meeting, contact us.

The Education Show NEC Birmingham logo 2008. Shows the title of the fair in light grey all capital letters, with 3 green arc lines above the fair title text

Event Information Design Association presentation

We will be attending the Information Design Association presentation by David Dickinson from Consumation, titled Medicines, Information Design and People’s Health on topics around patient/medicine information leaflet design, at the Design Council office, 34 Bow Street, London, WC2E 7DL, U.K., on the 21st November 2007.

Photo of the front of the Design Council office, showing dark grey entrance and the red Design Council logo on a 3D cube before the entrance

Event Sign Design Society 2008 talk

We will be attending the Sign Design Society’s talk Public Testing of Pictograms by BAA (British Airports Authority) with Tim Wheen, market research executive at BAA, on the 6th February 2008, 6.30pm, room 1.6 at the John Lewis Partnership, 171 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5NN, U.K. (nearest tube station: Victoria).

Image from the talk flyer, shows a large yellow aeroplane from the top, with pictograms dotted around on the top Photo of a group people sitting watching the speaker at the front in the conference/talk room BAA (British Airports Authority) logo, shows the word 'BAA' in large black capital serif letters, then on the right a green square with a triangle flying through it

Event St Bride Library Re-Reading Beatrice: The Beatrice Warde Memorial Lecture

We will be attending the Re-Reading Beatrice: The Beatrice Warde Memorial Lecture, on Thursday 31st May 2007, 7pm, at the St Bride Library in London, off Fleet Street. The event will conclude with the launch of the English edition of Unger’s book While You’re Reading.

Photo of the front of the St Bride Library, shows a red bricked buildings, with trees arching over the top left, and a blue doorway to the right

Event Frankfurt Book Fair 2007

We will be at the Frankfurt Book Fair on the 12th October 2007. If you are a publisher and would like to arrange a meeting, contact us.

Photo of an exhibition hall at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Shows exhibition stands and small tables with people having meetings

Award 2 merits for our work in the European Design Awards

We received 2 merits in the European Design Awards 2007, in the Book and Editorial Illustration, and Card/Invitation/Flyer categories. Our work was featured in the accompanying book.

Book cover of the European Design Awards annual. Shows a large blue sky with green grass below, and people standing in the grass with their hands waving and swaying left to right

European Design Awards Annual 2007, contains all the winners work and is available from BIS Publishers, Netherlands.

European Design Awards logo, shows a large bold black asterisks character on the left, then the word 'EDAWARDS' in large bold capital letter, the 'ED' is in black, and the 'AWARDS' is in grey

Event RGAP Small Publishers Fair 2006

We will be exhibiting and selling our 3 self-published books: The Journey of Larks, Life, and Punctuation..? (1st editions) at the RGAP Small Publishers Fair, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1 on Friday 20th October 2006. Open 11am–7pm, admission free. Holborn is the nearest tube station.

RGAP small publishers fair 2006 photo of the fair hall with lots of people standing in lanes with desks and people exhibiting their books

RGAP small publishers fair 2006 poster. Light brown background with the event title, time, details, logo and a greyscale photo of book binding workshop

Event Fast Type, Slow Type Conference

We will be attending the Fast Type, Slow Type Conference running from the 16th–18th October 2006, at the Custard Factory, in Birmingham, U.K. We will be there on the 16th. It is the 5th in an annual series of international typographic design conferences.

Front image of the Fast type, Slow type conference flyer. Shows a dark pink background, with white, light pink and dark pink, triangular capital letters, with extra information in smaller text on the right

The Type Events logo. Shows the word 'typ' in large lowercase bold letters on the left, then the word 'events' in pink lighter italic text to the right. Then says in smaller text 'Enjoy the moment!' below
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