Journal design services

We offer an excellent journal design service using our expert design, layout and typographic skills, and can design academic, medical and scientific journals. We can design a completely new system or redesign your existing journal, improving the overall journal branding, colour system and layout. A good grid is essential, along with a highly legible and rigorous typographic system with clearly setup stylesheets. We can ensure typefaces are used that can handle all the characters your most complex content requires, from math to Greek. We can also setup a house style for figures (graphs, diagrams, charts) and redraw where necessary, and typeset the journal on a regular basis. We can also help with transferring your journal to print, PDF, or webpage format.

  • Journal branding (logo, colour system, typefaces, layout).
  • Typeface selection advice (legibility, character range, on-screen rendering).
  • Grid setup.
  • Well-built and clearly named stylesheets.
  • Table design.
  • Setup of house illustration style for figures.
  • Hyperlink, navigation and interactive elements.
  • Make the journal’s colours work in a greyscale.
  • Economy of design and layout issues.
  • Tabular lining and decimal point alignment in tabular data.
  • Guidance and typesetting support for other suppliers.
  • Typesetting of journals on a regular basis.

Image of a page from the journal showing new branding design, colour system and complex typesetting

Image of a page from the journal showing the new 2 column page layout design

Image of a page from the journal showing figures in a new house style

Image of a page from the journal showing redrawn flow diagram

Image of a page from the journal showing complex tabular data typesetting

Image of a page from the journal showing endmatter and references typographic design




Medical journal.


Branding, journal redesign, page layout, complex typesetting, illustration redrawing.


3 column layout with complex text, tables and figures. Page size: A4: width 210mm × 297mm height. Pages: variable. Paper: unknown.

Short description of what we did for the client and project

This major worldwide publisher required a journal redesign and refresh, for a journal being used by 1000s of respiratory specialists. Their current design was optimised for greyscale printing, although the journal’s competitors increasingly use, with visible benefits, coloured elements. The design had to be optimised primarily for on-screen reading and use better branding and colour.

The client wanted a strong branding for the whole journal which also had to work if printed in greyscale. We did research into the various issues, and also researched their competitors’ journal designs. We additionally setup a style for all diagrams and figures, which further reinforced the journal’s branding and saved lots of time in the typesetting and production stage. We selected and used typefaces that support Unicode, which was an absolute must, because the journal is published in a variety of electronic formats. The overall typographic design is robust and legible, giving it every chance of success in diverse and variable environments. We also gave attention to important and required on-page navigational elements, such as: page numbers, author/s name and article title, as well as the journal name, issue and online hyperlink. These elements help people find and use information they will need, and makes interacting with the journal and page design, easy.

3 results of journal design by us

  • Unique, professional looking and well branded, which your subscribers value and enjoy using for many years.
  • Less time and problems in the production stage due to well setup files.
  • Better organization and design of your original content, that serves your objectives and your users’ requirements.