Text editing and proofreading services

We can check editorial style, proofread and edit the text for a low literacy level, massively improving wide‑spread understanding. We have helped some of our clients put together and define editorial style guides for websites, academic journals and publications, that reduces the time needed in the future, to clear‑up editorial issues and results in text that is easier-to-understand. Our suggestions and advice are based on reading books, journals, good industry practice, plain English, and evidence, but above all to maximise wide‑spread comprehension. We have found editing and rewriting works better, when it is given an aim and strategy. We offer an intermediate level text editing and proofreading service and we can certainly reduce the workload.

Help them to understand

We do

  • Standardisation of style for dashes, quotation marks, punctuation used in bullet lists, apostrophes, dumb quotes, numbers, and so on.
  • Standardisation of text case (title case or sentence case).
  • Plain English editing and rewriting (make the text understandable for the widest range of people, and who have basic literacy).
  • Make improvements to sentence flow and structure.
  • Spelling check, and check all text content through software like Grammarly.
  • Ensuring consistent style for date ranges, measurements, units, time ranges, abbreviations.
  • Reformat references and bibliographies in styles like APA (American Psychological Association), Chicago, Harvard, and so on.
  • Edit text inline with an editorial style guide.
  • Instructional writing, editing and rewriting.

Photo of a person correcting and editing text on A4 white pages with correction marks

3 results of text editing and proofreading by us

 1 Decreased workload for you, and increased professional appearance and credibility.

 2 Reduced confusion and cognitive demand for your users, making the textual information more effective.

 3 Communication that people are more likely to understand, respect, and be able to use.

The priceless value of being respected, understood and valued…

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