Text editing and proofreading services

In recent years we have increasingly been doing text editing and proofreading, mainly on website design and publication design projects. Good typography cannot fix bad editorial standards. If your text content has errors in it, or is unclear, no amount of good graphic communication design can fix it, it has to be edited. If your text content has good editorial standards and is relatively free from errors, it communicates in a more professional tone, enhances trustworthiness and helps to reduce confusion. We do not offer a professional high-end text editing or proofreading service, but we can reduce the workload. For your basic needs, we do:

  • Standardisation of dash style (hyphens, en dashes or em dashes).
  • Standardisation of quotation mark style (single to double, or double to single).
  • Standardisation of punctuation used in bullet lists.
  • Use of a correct apostrophe sign (not a single dumb quote).
  • Standardization of text case for headings (title case or sentence case).
  • Clear/plain English editing and rewriting. We can edit the text, making it understandable for the widest range of people and who have low literacy levels.
  • Make improvements to sentence flow and structure, for added clarity.
  • Spelling check through software, and check of all text content through Grammarly.
  • Ensuring consistent style for: date ranges, measurements, units, time ranges, abbreviations.
  • Reformatting of academic references in styles such as APA, Chicago, Harvard.
  • Edit text inline with a style guide (Mencap, house/publisher’s style).

Photo of a person correcting and editing text on A4 white pages with correction marks

3 results of copyediting and proofreading by us

  • Decreased workload for you and increased professional appearance and credibility.
  • Reduced confusion for your users.
  • Communication that people are more likely to understand, respect, and be able to use.