We listen to your needs, research your problems, and over the years have got to know a lot about design, information, communication and users. Our clients range from major book publishers, worldwide organisations, small new startups, to charities, and they are from a wide-range of sectors and industries. We have collaborated with company directors, members of the public, managers, even a few hopeless romantics… We aim to offer a direct, friendly and expert service where everyone is satisfied. Our longest client has been with us since 2002 and below is a selection of clients we have had the honour of working with.

We have been decreasing barriers and problems for our clients and their users since 2002

Book publishing

A symbol of a person on the left, then the text 'Bloomsbury Publishing' to the right in black capital letters
A person standing under a tree, with the word 'Elsevier' in bright orange capital letters below
The lowercase letters 'fsg' in a red box, then the words 'Future Science Group' in a red san serif font below
The text 'Helen Exley' in a bold handwritten font. Then below that the text 'London' in grey captial letters
4 different thick green lines turning round inside each other, then to the right the text 'Informa' in lowercase dark green letters
A grey round circle on the left with a person's head above a semi-open book, then to the right, the text 'intellect' in lowercase bold grey letters
The text 'Lund Humphries' in black capital letters within thin horizontal and vertical lines
The text 'Mc' on the l1st line, then 'Graw' on the 2nd line, then 'Hill' on the 3rd line, then 'Education' on the last line. All text inside a bright red square box
The text 'National Portrait Gallery' in black bold letters. 'National' is on the 1st line, 'Portrait' on the line below, then 'Gallery' on the last line
The text 'Oxford' in large capital letters, then the text 'University Press' in smaller capital letters below
The text 'Pastest' in dark green lowercase text. The last 't' has been made into a superscript
A Greek woman reading a scroll, then in thin white capital letters to the right the text 'Persephone Books' on a grey background
A large tall hotel-like building illustrated and painted in a watercolour style, with bright yellow, orange and blue colours. The text 'Random House' is above the entrance at the bottom
A capital letter 'G' symbol on the left with the text 'Royal' on the 1st line, then 'Museums' on the 2nd line, then 'Greenwich' on the last line
The letters 'Top That!' in an angular playful way in different primary colours above an open book

Non-book publishing

2 green hands pointing up and touching each other, within a blue line circle. The with the text 'ACPRC' in blue capital letters at the bottom
A crest badge logo on the left with a white cross, then to the right the text 'Cambridge Assessment' in large capital letters
A 3D white box on a black background. The the text 'Effortmark' in large black sans serif font to the right. Then the text 'Better forms and surveys' in a small font below it
The text 'friends of' in handwritten letters. Then the text 'New Walk' in a classy serif typeface below. All text in a lime green colour
The text 'Hayward' in bold letters on a bright red background
Landmark Planning logo, shows a building with a spire structure in the distance with hillsides in front in green and blue
A grey spire/church top symbol, then in large blue letters to the right, the words 'Leicester BID' with a large blue exclamation mark through the middle vertically
A green outline of a lightbulb with the words 'Meadows Ozone Energy Services' around the outside. Then the word 'MOZES' in capital letters below
A dark red pentagon badge shape, with 5 white triangles within it, each with the following letters in it 'F' 'A' 'C' 'T' 'S' in a spiral forward direction
The text 'ReDesign Youth' in extra bold italic grey font, on a mustard yellow background
A large rouchly-drawn fish in a black line outline. Then the text 'ROAR' in rough capital letters below
The text 'Resource for Urban Design Information' in 3D purple boxes, that looks like buildings. Then '' in a lower green 3D box below
The text 'tv' in large bold black letters, then to the right: a forward slash sign in green, then with a large black 'e' to the right of that. The green forward slash pops out of the letters and the text: 'inspiring change' flows-off it
A crest badge logo on the left with a red cross, then to the right the text 'University of London' in large bold capital letters
Vantage Residential logo, shows the word 'VANTAGE' in large blue capital serif letters, then below the word 'Residential' in light grey sans serif capital letters
2 Large grey capital words 'XL Braille' then Braille dots over the top in green of the letters in the words