Editorial correction amendment services

We amend editorial and proofreading corrections from British Standards Institution (BSI) symbols, or marks and comments on printed or electronic documents. Corrections can also be done from Word documents or emails. Our current record for the most amount of corrections amended on a project, was for a 40-page A4 political research report, which had 2 rounds of corrections, each round contained 500 corrections.

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Page from a book with author/editor/proofreader correction marks for amendment


Crown House Publishing.



About the client

Award-winning publisher of books in the areas of education, business training, development, to personal growth.

Client’s needs

We did the book design, illustration and typesetting of this book, and they also needed rounds of editorial corrections amending from the author and from the publisher’s staff. This was all part of the service we offer under our typesetting service, and there was no need for the client to find or use other suppliers, or do the corrections in the office and use‑up their time.

Improvement w(h)ere it mattered

3 results of editorial correction amendments by us

 1 Improved clarity and correctness.

 2 Decreased workload for you.

 3 We can do corrections to designs and illustrations, not just to text content.

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