On-location photography shoots

We do on-location photography shoots, which is good way to communicate in a realistic and precise way, giving you many options to choose from and a lot of material to work with. We can photograph:

  • Places.
  • Buildings.
  • Objects.
  • Art and sculptures.
  • Events.
De Montfort Hall Leicester showing front of the grey building, with grass in front and the silver Concerto sculpture
Upper New Walk showing the street sign leading up to the top and showing old black lamp posts
Blue round historical plaque for Ernest William Gimson
The Robert Hall Statue in stone in a small square, showing hedges behind, greenery and trees, with the middle of New Walk behind
Robert Hall’s name in stone carved typography with gold colouring
The Clothier sculpture on the left with the middle of New Walk in the middle showing trees and the museum in the background
The front of New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, shows a large building with a 4-column architectural design and the front entrance
A curved shot of New Walk showing The Oval park on the left and people walking down, with arms linked on a sunny day
Panoramic wide shot of the middle of New Walk, with The Clothier sculpture on the left with the middle of New Walk in the middle showing trees and the museum in the background
The Clicker sculpture in the front on the Leicester IBM office space, with railings behind and then Lower New Walk behind that
Low foot-level shot of Lower New Walk looking up the long path
The Writers’ Pavement sculpture showing stone carved typography, looking up New Walk, with the Mattiloli Woods offices plaza behind it
John Biggs statue on Welford Place, bronze statue of him with cars and buildings behind him


Friends of New Walk Leicester.


Photo shoot.


Photography, colour correcting, image formatting.

About the client

Friends of New Walk is a charity that effectively monitor and influence the future of New Walk, Leicester’s historic walkway.

Short outline of what we did for the client and project

The client needed photos for their website of New Walk, Leicester’s unique historical walkway, many of the ones they had, were out-dated and not in a high-resolution format. We shot all required photos and photographed extra ones, so there were some different ones to choose from. Additionally, we coloured corrected, cropped and formatted the images, giving the client quality photographs without having to spend a lot of time sourcing and buying other photographer’s photos. The client received many good quality useful photos that can be used at a large size on 4K+ and retina monitors, with no further complex licence or copyright requirements.

3 results of on-location photography editing by us

  • Creative quality photographs of what you need with excellent colour.
  • Easily take different and unusual photographs so you have a wide range to choose from.
  • Simple reuse and licencing options.