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Competition award

Shutter Hub Exhibition: Yearbook 2022 Competition

Shutter Hub is a photography organisation providing opportunities and support for creative photographers worldwide. Our photograph Tavistock Drive, Leicester (Leicester City Centre, United Kingdom From Far Away) has been published in their online Exhibition: Yearbook 2022. It was in the 300 selected photographs, from 1600 entries across the world. 100 images will then be selected and published in a printed publication.

The photograph can be bought from Alamy here and see also our main Alamy portfolio. July 2022.

Shutter Hub logo, has a black rectangle background, then 2 cut-in-half white circles on the left, then the word SHUTTER on 1 line, and ‘HUB’ below
Competition award

Shortlisted in the International Institute for Information Design (IIID) Awards

Our Landmark Planning 2019 Website Redesign project was shortlisted in the Corporate Design and Communications category (in the top 10 entries within this category) in the International Institute for Information Design (IIID) Awards 2020. You can read the full case study PDF. June 2020.

IIID award shortlist logo, shows a purple circle the word shortlisted in the middle
Competition award

Longlisted in the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2018

We have made it onto the longlist (step 1 of a possible 3, to the final awards) in the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2018, with our infographic that we did for our paper titled Information on Different Categories of People for Graphic Communication, Website and Information Designers published on Usability Geek. The judges moved our submission from the People, Language and Identity category to Visualisation and Information Design. You can view our submission here. Wish us luck. September 2018.

Yellow quare background, with a black line pictogram of person with vision impairments using a vision impairment stick to find their way forward Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2018 logo, shows a purple circle on the left with the text 'KANTAR' to the right on the 1st line, then 'Information is Beautiful' on the line below, then 'Awards 2019' below that
Competition award

The 4th Block, VIII (8th) International Triennial of Eco‑Poster Competition, 2012

Our posters Ban Public Smoking (Factories) and (Cars) have been selected as winning poster designs. They were exhibited in Kiev, then on to the exhibition halls of the Kharkov Municipal Gallery in Kharkiv, Ukraine, then in October to the International Biennale Golden Bee in Moscow.

Our poster designs were also featured in their Modern Eco-Poster 2009–2012 catalogue (ISBN: 978-966-24-0616-0), photo courtesy of Daria Titarenko. March 2012.

4th Block catalogue front cover. It uses rainbow-like colours the title is in large capital white bold letters, and shows a woman behind the cover holding it up
Photo of posters in the exhibition. Shows many of the posters hung-up on the white gallery wall, with a man and a woman walking across in front, and a big TV camera and cameraman behind them filming
Photo of posters in the exhibition. Shows many of the posters hung-up on the white gallery wall, with a man and a woman walking across in front
Competition award

Runner-up in the British Book Design and Production Awards 2012

Our self-published book Punctuation..? came runner-up in the Environmental category in the British Book Design and Production Awards Competition 2012. The book is showcased in the award winners catalogue on page 25. Oxford, U.K. January 2012.

British Book Design and Production Awards logo, in a black thin border square box, shows the letters 'B B' on the 1st line, then the letters 'D &' on the 2nd line, then the letters 'P A' on the last line
Competition award

3×3 Magazine, Children’s Show Competition, Number 9, 2012

From 1500 entries from 35 countries all over the world, our book The Journey of Larks has been awarded a merit in the Young Adult Category, in the 3×3 Magazine, Children’s Show Competition, Number 9, 2012, New York, U.S.A.

The subsequent printed annual 3×3 Children’s Book Show Annual Number 9 features our work. January 2012.

Photo of the 3x3 annual front cover, shows a white rabbit's head pop-up above a sunset 3x3 logo, shows 3 x 3 in a bold white font and then the title in small capital letter, all on a black background colour
Competition award

Winning poster design for the Utilità Manifesta Poster Contest 2011

Utilità Manifesta runs a yearly poster contest Design for Volunteering, Peace and Human Rights, aimed at tackling social, economic and environmental issues, that is endorsed in Italy by the European Commission.

From 400 entries from designers across the world, our poster Ban Public Smoking (Factories) is in the 20 selected winning designs. October 2011.

Photograph of an industrial factory and sea infront with a lot of smoke coming out of the factory's chimmney. Then in a black border box below, the words 'Ban public smoking' Design for Volunteering logo that shows a handdrawn bird in the shape of a heart, and then the European Commission logo to the right, which shows a blue flag with a circle of yellow stars on it, with their name in large grey letters below
Competition award

2 merits for our work in the European Design Awards

We received 2 merits in the European Design Awards 2007, in the Book and Editorial Illustration, and Card/Invitation/Flyer categories.

Our work was featured in the accompanying European Design Awards Annual 2007 containing all the winners work, and is available from BIS Publishers, Netherlands.

European Design Awards logo, shows a large bold black asterisks character on the left, then the word 'EDAWARDS' in large bold capital letter, the 'ED' is in black, and the 'AWARDS' is in grey

Book cover of the European Design Awards annual. Shows a large blue sky with green grass below, and people standing in the grass with their hands waving and swaying left to right