Scanning and book digitization services

We offer a scanning, OCR (optical character recognition) scanning, book digitization, and image adjustment service:

  • A4 scanning, 72–4800 DPI, full colour.
  • Adjustment to images: levels, curves, sharpen, duotones, bulk format.
  • OCR scanning (book or document digitization: convert printed text into editable electronic text. After the conversion, we can check the text again against the original scan for any errors that may have come in, like punctuation or formatting issues).
  • RGB to CMYK image conversion, and RGB/CMYK to greyscale conversion.
  • Pixel artwork to vector conversion.
  • Removal of halftone dots either by rescanning or adjusting in Photoshop. Removal of dust and scratches from images.

Photograph of a scanner. Scanning, book digitization and colour conversion (RGB to CMYK) service

3 results of good scanning by us

  • Improved image quality, colour quality and richness.
  • Ability to reproduce the image at a larger size without loss of quality or pixelation.
  • Ability to convert old images, books or documents into electronic versions.